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Uncover Management

Now Auditions are open for BEN10 TV Show seeking Participants.

21 Teams will be sent to Spain for a 3 day shoot in July

  • Children and Adults for International Ben10 TV Game Show

    Both, 8-80 Years

Real Mothers and Daughters wanted for HUGE International Cleaning Brand

Seeking a variety of Middle Eastern female talents

  • Real Mothers and Daughters for International Cleaning Brand

    Female, 13-60 Years
Badal Web Series

Be the Star of an Upcoming Arabic Web Series!

Looking for Arabic Males and Females for starring roles within the series.

  • Arabic Speaking Males and Females - Ages 20-65 years

    Both, 20-65 Years
Socialize Agency

Want to be Involved in a Short Film Campaign for an Internationally Know Car Brand?

Seeking Middle Eastern looking Males and Females

  • Arabic Looking Female - Ages 20-35 years

    Female, 20-35 Years
  • Arabic Speaking Male - Ages 25-45 years

    Male, 25-45 Years
Talpa Middle East

Amazing Opportunity for Kids to Become TV Stars!

We are looking for the cutest of the cute to star in a popular Lebanese ...

  • Arabic Speaking Children - Ages 4-14

    Both, 4-14 Years

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